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Birthday: 25th June 1989 (24 years old)
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About Karolina...

Hi my name is Karolina. I study at the University of South Bohemia. My brunch is Biology and protection of interests organisms.
My hobbies are drawing, reading books, my 14 years old macaw, playing PC games, collecting napkins, wantching movies and TV series and listening music, I love 30 Seconds to Mars ♥♥

And what card you can send to me?
- place where you live :)
- aerial views of the cityes
- landscapes (lakes, mountains, fields ...)
- lavender (I love lavender fields :))
- hot air balloons
- Vincent van Gogh
- Leonid Afremov art
- Lali card ♥
- caricatures of famous people
- Jared Leto or Thirty Seconds to Mars ♫♪
- Loki (Tom Hiddleston)
- autumn (leaves, pumpkins,...)
- volcanos, waterfalls, auroras and namy of nature sceneries
- old buildings
- lighthouses
- Jet planes (L-39 Albatros, Su-27 Flanker, Harrier or airliters)
- national parks and reservations
- wild animals (felids,canine beast, eagles!)
- I love cute small "garden birds" like Robin Great Tit :)
- "keep calm" cards
- edangered animals (CITES, IUCN, WWF)
- Birdolable cute birds (

It does't matter if you don't have a postcard from my list. All cards are welcome, but please don't send me a postcard with pets.
I'll be happy If you mark card with stamps and write something about you (about your hobbies, work or school, your favorite music, films of series, about your dreams or wishes).

My small wish: I always wanted to get a letter in an envelope with red and blue stripes on the edge (airmail envelope) :)
Thank you and enjoy the Posrtcrossing ☺

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