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About Kjell...

Expired: - 54 cards ;-) - and that is not a big % So fare.

A card to St. Peterburg, Russia is more than 47 days WHY ? ?
A card to Helsinki, Finland - is only 2-3 days !

Just listen to Claes Eriksson - at youtube


"Why are you sending me postcards" :-)

PLEACE, I beg You

● ● NO MORE Citys views or buildings, churches etc. ● ●

● ● DO NOT send cards or envelopes and not bigger than C6
(10x15 cm)(4 X 6 inches)) ● ●

PLEACE, I beg You. Sorry to say

Just put stamp and adress on a Beer mats, or just a WHITE BLANK card/paper max. 15x10 cm.
Pleace, NOT in envelope,(Beer mats, Bierdeckel, bocks, maty piwo, posavasos, підставки під пивні кухлі, подставки под пивные кружки).

If this is too difficult to find, just cut out a postcard-sized piece of cardboard food packaging and use/send that as a postcard to me.
I also like "cards" sent via Internet by Touchnote or similar services.

● ● ● ● ● ● ————— I realy do care for ————— ● ● ● ● ●

Homemade artistic cards are very Wellcome.

I like all the stamps located ON the card
not broken stamps half sitting on the card.
I have got too many of those. :-(((

I also like franking with "Meter stamps" automaticly made by any kind of mashines. I DO like cards with 3D stamps.(f.ex. Finland - Canada)

The postal side of the card is the one I like the best.

I do not understand why so many people say NO to ad cards. I like the other side of the card, especially with METER STAMPS.
I love Postal history. The picture means nothing to me.

Age: Too old, but not too old for having fun
Hobbies: Postal history & automation, philateli, artistic envelopes and cards

Passins: Sitting still, reading a philatelistic book or paper
Sports: Not even looking at TV

Living: in the south part of Sweden

Studying: Postal Automation, Swedish Postal history and the Lives.

● ● PS ● ●

If you have sent me a card, and it has been traveling for over 20 days ? ? ?

Please message me because it shouldn't take that long. Not even from Russia or USA.
Do not hesitate to contact me ......

Just give me the ID - Then I can Register the card
You do not have to wait 60 days, to get a new adress.

Thank You Very Much

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