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Hello my fellow postcrossers! My name is Olga, I'm 26 y.o. girl from Sumy, Ukraine.

After three years as a postcrosser I realized that it is much easier to send postcards to those who know what they want. So I'm actually glad when I get a new address and a person's profile contains a detailed "wishlist". And so I decided to make life easier for those who will be sending postcards to me and rewrite my profile. Of course it doesn't mean that I'm going to be choosy and picky. If you don't have anything from the list, just send me whatever you like! I love all my postcards! But if you do, then you'll make me even happier :)

So, I'd like to get something with:
- Harry Potter (I do LOVE Harry Potter!!!)
- manga and anime (especially Hayao Miyazaki's works)
- Asian (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese) dramas (I'm a big fan of Asian dramas and movies, so if you are, by any chance, from South Korea/Japan/Taiwan/China and are going to send me a postcard, I would really appreciate something connected with those ^.^ For example, postcards with Asian actors, idols, music groups, movie or drama posters, etc.)
- movies (actors, actresses (Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn), movie posters)
- music
- books (again Harry Potter :) also "Twilight Saga", "Lord of the Rings", Jane Austen's novels, maybe some book you like and want to share it with me :))
- Moomins (so if you are from Finland or just happen to have such card, please send me Moomins!)
- black&white postcards

I absolutely don't mind ad cards and handmade cards if they contain something from the above mentioned or if they are just funny/cute/interesting ^^

I'd also love to see a date and a couple of lines written in your own language (preferably with translation into English ;))

Thanks to everybody in advance!

Happy postcrossing!

P.S. I warmly welcome private swaping and penpaling!

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