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About prill13...

Hi to you all:D
I'm Prilla from Italy!
What I truly love is reading, sending/receiving postcards and finswimming...

My favourite postcards are those who shows:
- panoramic views of your country
- old buildings, CASTLES,...
- monuments, museums
- landscapes
- black and white old photos of famous people from YOUR country
- map postcards
- anything connected to your culture and folkloristic habbits:)
Please, remember I DON'T LIKE VERY MUCH funny postcards...I'm only into real views and life!

If you can send me views of CASTLES of your country or NIGHT VIEWS, it'd be such a great present to me :D

If anyone wants to receive a postcard from Northern Italy, feel free to contact me;) I'll reply as soon as I can!


IT-177470 to Taiwan
IT-192547 to Russia

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