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Hi to you all!

I am a woman in my 40s from the Netherlands.
Everything of and about paper is my hobby. That's why I like real postcards a lot more than their digital alternatives.
I'm looking forward to send and receive handwritten postcards from all over the world. I have some beautiful cards to send.

Postcards I would like to receive are those who are senders favourites; in other words, those you would like to receive and keep yourself. =D
In a special way your card tells me something about you. But I also like to hear from you, if possible, what you like about the card you choose for me. I will also have a special eye for the stamp(s)!

I cannot wait to hear from you, thanks in advance for the time you took for it!

Happy postcrossing,

ps. If you are from Sweden, could you please send me the stamp with the 5 colourful striped socks? It's such a funny one! Thanks a lot!

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