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Hello! My name is Suzanne and I'm 27. I live with my boyfriend and our three cats (Mischka, Vladimir, & Petra) in Tucson, Arizona in the USA.

I love postcards! Anything you think is cool/pretty/interesting/wacky/silly I probably will too :) I also love typical tourist cards! Any card you would be happy to receive would be perfect. I studied anthropology, so any archaeological sites would be cool too!

Check out my list of favorites for some ideas of cards I like!

Tell me about your city/country, holiday traditions or festivals, a day in your life, or whatever else you want to share! Or even tell me about American stereotypes of your country that are true/not true, or your country's stereotypes about Americans (and I'll tell you if they're true or not)!

If you get a postcard from me (or anyone else from the United States) and there is a long white rectangular sticker on the front of your card, it is from the post office, and will easily peel off without damaging your postcard :)

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