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Hi, I'm Ruby, I'm 21. I have lived in a small town just about all my life. I've got two little sisters and four dogs, one is very vocal, his name is Elvis (big surprise).

I'm too fussed about the postcards, but something from your area would be nice. I'm also interested in the history of other countries. And if you like you can write me a sentence in your own language, I'll see if I can work it out, unless of course you're American or English!;)

If you are from the States could you send me a postcard of your state. I've already got:
* Arkansas * Nebraska
* California * Nevada
* Hawaii * New York
* Indiana * Oklahoma
* Michigan * Texas
* Minnesota * Virginia
* Missouri
But I definitely don't mind repeats.

Also if you're from the States, I love The Killers and The RHCP, so if you could manage it that would be great!

Finally I am interested in Direct Swaps, but only one-offs rather than a "penpal" thing. For instance if you would like something specific from Australia I'll do that for you and I don't expect cards in return, unless you're in a generous mood.

Thanks for the card!

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