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About Klaudia...

My name is Klaudia and I live in Ireland. Oryginally I'm from Poland. :)
As you can guess, one of my hobbies is collecting postcards from all over the world.

I would like to receive postcards from your hometown or country.
Im intrested in :

- Cards from beautyfull and special places in the world.

- View of city, castles, building.

- Landscape.

- Sea, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, islands, beach.

- Mountains, valley, caves.

Just send me beautiful view of !YOUR! country, something
that will make me say "I MUST GO THERE" ! ;) ( please... may it be a postcard from COUNTRY that you are sending it from..!!! )

*** !PLEASE! send me a card with the name of your city/country on it. ;) I would really love it !

*** Please DON'T send hand-made and advertisement cards, cards with flowers, cute animals,
cartoons, birthday cards and Christmas cards.
I go to the effort to pay for all the postcards that I send,
so I would appreciate it if others do.


*** Make sure you have the ID Number on your Card otherwise I can't register it!
I try to register postcards the same day that I receive them. If you've sent
a postcard that hasn't been registered, I didn't receive it yet.

On the back of the postcard you can write me something about your city/country or
yourself if you like. I would very appreciate it.

Thanks for everything!

Klaudia ;)


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