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Hello! My name is Tanya. I'm from Belarus, I live in one of the oldest cities of our country - Grodno. I am 31 years old, I work as a lecturer at the Grodno State University. I like to travel, I have already visited France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. I like to know the world, so I'll be glad to receive a postcard from around the world.

The postcards which I prefer:
* If you send me postcards with BALLOONS, I'll be very happy ;) My collection of balloons postcards:
* art cards (especially I like John William Waterhouse and Frida Kahlo!!! - my Frida's cards );
* children's book illustrations; heroes from fairy tales such as elves, angels, etc.;
* people (I like ethnic portraits, smiling people, children);
* Marilyn Monroe;
* food and drink (please, no recipe cards);
* fruits and berries;
* poppies, tulips and cherry blossom;
* colorful postcards or cards with funny image which you like;
* Inge Look's postcards with two old ladies - they are so cute! My collection: ;
* the kind of postcard that you wish someone would send you!
Please write me something about yourself and date your postcard ;)

Happy postcrossing!!! )))

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