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About Milda...

I'm sharing my heart between 2 countries and people in them: Lithuania- where my family, friends and roots are; and Greece- where I live, love and work.
For past few years I go back&forth between Athens (where I stay during wintertime) and Greek islands (where I make all the euros to be able to live through wintertime):D
The idea of getting REAL mail from somewhere in the world, handwritten thinking about me, it's one of the greatest things for me in Postcrossing, type of card goes to postion #2.
But ok, it is soooo great to get a beautiful postcard..So there are some kinds that I especially like:

* postcards with people on them are my favorite -love the faces, portraits, emotions in them. people living everyday life, dressed traditionally; indigenous people, reminding us about their unique everyday...

* I started to collect old cities/towns in engravings and lithographies!

* I love sunset/sunrise, fog/mist time of the day.. Cards, that you can call melancholic, nostalgic, with feeling of solitude.

* non-touristy photo postcards(colorful, patterns, macro shots, sun, moon, interesting elements, markets, sunlitten or old streets, windows, doors, knobs, walls, tiles etc.) I love photography, so good quality picture amazes me always..:) Just store bought, please.

* Maxi cards and Magnum cards are one of my latest discoveries :)

* landscapes, old towns,forests, mountains, seas, lakes, rivers- whatever is beautiful in your part of world. Or maybe some place, where you dream to go..?

* also you can never go wrong with black & white, sepia postcards. Old times views, vintage, retro are great too...

And for the end of a wishlist: please please, if possible, DON'T send me touchnote cards, cartoon, animation, celebrities, movies, kitchy, handmade, greeting/folded, shaped cards, urbanistic/industrial buildings (when a card looks like picture in schoolbook page), sports, animals, flowers or commercial/ad cards. Thank you for understanding..

I would love a message on the postcard about the place or the image on the card, or any thoughts about that place or picture from you.
Please write date and location and send it stamped WITHOUT envelope (I have a crush on stamps, so if it's possible, so looking forward to see them..)

LITTLE NOTE ABOUT PRIVATE SWAPS: I really enjoy them and make way more private swaps than official ones. Sometimes I might not have enough time or finances to swap on every request, but if we agreed to swap- be sure that I will send my card! for private swapping you can contact me as well through:

Have great experiences in postcard world!

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