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Hello postcard lovers!

My name is Milene and I'm a college student from southern Brazil, but right now I'm living with my American fiancé in the USA :)

Well, before I continue talking about myself, I should explain why my adress says "Brazil" and not "USA". Me and my fiancé have been traveling around, so we don't have a real adress for the postcard to be sent to here. So if you don't mind, send your card to my mom's adress in Brazil, and as soon as the card gets there she will let me know the ID and I'll register it on the same day. By the way, I'll be back to Brazil in less than a couple months to see all of your cards! :)

And well, about me... I'm 19 years old, I've been a vegetarian since 2010, and I love all kinds of animals. I also love playing sports, cooking, reading and hanging out with my friends. Someday I want to travel all over the world, and I plan on moving to California after I graduate. One of my other big dreams is to have my own coffee shop/book store in a few years!

Here I'll leave some suggestions for postcards that I would like to receive, but feel free to send me any other kind! You can also get inspired, looking on my favorites :)

- city or country views
- typical animal from your area (especially wolves and bears - or any other animal, I just love them!)
- dinosaurs
- snow, rainbow, rain
- moon, universe
- coffee or cupcakes
- Penguin books
- famous paintings
- Moomin
- nature
- flags, maps
- sports
- castles or famous buildings
- roads, trains, buses
- amusement parks
- any cute card
- you can also send me handmade cards, I appreciate them
- Paris cards are always welcome
- If you're from the USA, please send me a postcard from your state :)

The size or shape of the card don't really matter, but it would be great if you could write the date on the card, just like the way people write it in your country!

Thank you for your patience and time. I'm looking forward to receive your card :)


P.S.: please message me, if interested in direct swaps :)

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