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(or Lisanne) is a member in Netherlands Netherlands. She has been a member for over 2 years (985 days).
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Speaks: Dutch, English, German
Birthday: 28th February 1992 (22 years old)
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About Lisanne...

I'm Lisanne or when you can't say it, say Lisa.
At the moment I'm studing tourism at the University.
My hobby is reading and I like to go out with my friends. I also do like traveling. I have visit several countries inside Europe, but I would like to travel around the world. Further I love taking photos, I do it a lot and most of the time I take photos of birds.

I like to get card with view from your city. So I can get an idea how your city is like. Or send a card with something special of your country.
I also like cards with flowers, especially roses. Or a card with birds of your country would be nice to receive.
But any card will be fine, I like to be surprised.

When you don't know where to write about. Write something about the card, about yourself, or write something in your own language, with translation please.

And please don't forget to write the date on the postcard. Thanks already!!


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