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Languages: English, a little French, a little Spanish
Birthday: 18th June 1975 (39 years old)
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When I was little my mom always made sure I had a pen pal. Years later the internet changed all that for all of us. I like to use the old post and have a real piece of paper to read.

The postcards I send are photos I have taken.

I like to receive any kind of postcard and it needn't be in English because we like to translate. Handmade cards are great! All kinds of picture cards, too. My children (I have 4) and I place them in an album that I hope will be good memories for them when they are adults. Maybe I will have grandchildren some day who will love grandma's old postcard book. Right now I am only 36 years old.

What I like to do is run, knit and garden. I run every day for fun and training for races. We grow a lot of our own food at home and we started a community garden in our town. I teach gardening classes and like to teach children and adults. We have three cats and a German Shepard, a large collection of fancy goldfish and a pet tarantula. We live in a small village in the country and do not have a car, we walk and ride our bikes or take a bus. It is a nice life.

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