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I collect view cards that depict public transportation:
first of all
1. trams, then
2. buses, coaches,
3. trolleybuses,
4. trains
5. and funiculars i.e., inclined plane, cliff railway, rope rail;
but this is public transport EXCEPT ships, ferries, boats, helicopters, planes and animal drawn carriages).

I’m also interested in postcards depicting old-day and present day state borders, especially such as for example the Iron Curtain and the 38th parallel north, etc. The cards showing landmarks marking the Equator and the Tropics of Capricorn or Cancer, the boundary line between the continents for instance Asia and Europe would be welcome as well.

I prefer one-picture cards. I always go to great lengths to meet your likings - please try to do the same. Thank you.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to substitute the cards I like with cards presenting animals, flowers (which I do not like) and landscapes claiming that they are beautiful or even worse, to send cards with the sender’s portrait(s) pretending to be post-cards. I consider that advertisements cards or entrance-fee-ticket cards show sender’s disdain towards me.
NO self-made, Xmas, Easter and Valentine cards, please (unless they are additional or thank you ones).
I do not mind used card but only on the public transportation and borders. So if you do not have a postcard that would suit my likings from your area you can use a postcard from a different region or even a used card from any other sender that depicts trams, trains, buses, coaches, trolleybuses.
P.S. If it’s not too great a problem for you please send your card in an envelope. I also collect tickets (public transportation). So if you have any spare or used ones please add them to you letter. Thank you.
PS. My favourite cards section does NOT include the ones I have received.

Jeżeli ktoś z polskich postcrosserów jest zainteresowany kartkami z Krakowa i okolic lub innymi kartkami a posiada takie jak mnie interesują do wymiany (mogą być używane) to napiszcie proszę.

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5. PL-624202 to aya2002 (or Aya) Japan
6. PL-703800 to choogeo in the USA
7. PL-750446 to serendipityartist in the USA
8. PL-773992 to Ruzh in Ukraine
9. PL-816605 to gpybus1 Grace in the UK
10. PL-823728 to TRAGEDIENNE (or T) in Malaysia
11. PL-828702 to marica_t in the USA
12. PL-836831 to Kristen_Liang in Singapore
13. PL-838825 to Postcardwallpaper(or Manon)in Canada
14. PL-858437 to a-silentium (or Yuliya) in Belarus
15. PL-875700 to xaxatun (Victor)in Ukraine
16. PL-876819 to puglover1 (iida)in Finland
17. PL-886894 to 3Trochees (Nancy)in the USA

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