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About Katie...

Hello everyone!
To me, Postcrossing is a daily reminder of this:

All postcards sent with love and care will be treasured and appreciated. My favorite part of a postcard is the message, so please try to write as much as you can fit! :] I'd especially love to read some information that I cannot find myself on the internet, for example:
- Who are you?
- What does the postcard mean to you?
- When/where did you buy it?
- Have any fun stories of your travel to that place?
- What foods do you dislike? (me: peas, coffee)
And I like little drawings and stickers, too, if you want to decorate the message side. No envelopes, please.

I live with my husband and our fantastic cat, and I work doing molecular biology research at a major university. :]

I have a few postcard collections, so I would love to add to them:
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites (especially the recently-issued prepaid postcards from Canadian Post)
- USA National Parks
- USA National Forests
- USA National Monuments

Otherwise, these are a few of my favorite things... :]
...achy muscles after a good workout, answering questions, babies, Baltimore, beaches, berries, biology, black cats, breath-taking natural landscapes, bright colors, cacti, castles, chai, cheering on sports teams, cider, clay pots, clover, daffodils, date nights, documentaries, dressing up, dry socks, early spring, fantasy books, ferns, forests, fruity candies, geocaching, ginkgo biloba, growing plants from seeds, helping, honey, ice hockey, interesting stamps, leather sandals, lists, mailart, medieval history, mentoring students at work, mice, mornings, moss, New Jersey, orchids, organizing and reorganizing, people-watching, playing the piccolo, postcards, quotes, rain hitting the window, rainbows, reading outside, redwoods, singing in my car, the smell of sunscreen, smiling, sneezing, solitude, solving puzzles, sour foods, stationery, stickers, stone ruins, summers in/on/near a lake, sun, sushi rolls, tea, thoughtfulness, tight-fitting clothing, trees, tropical islands, ultra-fine-point pens, vanilla rum, waking up early, watching candles burn, window seats, wine, yellow...

I am not easily offended, so don't hold back if you really want to send something but are unsure. You can find me on the Postcrossing Forum with the same username. :D

If you are able, please feel free to scan the postcard before you send it, because I do not have access to a scanner.

Thank you! :]

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