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Hello everyone!
To me, Postcrossing is a daily reminder of this:

All postcards sent with love and care will be treasured and appreciated. My favorite part of a postcard is the message, so please try to write as much as you can fit! :] I'd especially love to read some information that I cannot find myself on the internet, for example:
- Who are you?
- What does the postcard mean to you?
- When/where did you buy it?
- Have any fun stories of your travel to that place?
- What foods do you dislike? (me: peas, coffee)
And I like little drawings and stickers, too, if you want to decorate the message side. No envelopes, please.

I live with my husband and our fantastic cat, and I work doing molecular biology research at a major university. :]

If you like sending according to preferences, I most enjoy:
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites (especially the recently-issued prepaid postcards from Canadian Post)
- forests
- trees
- moss
- mountains
- tropical islands
- beaches
- rainbows
- castles
- nature, in general
- mouse/mice
- ice hockey
- military-related
- nice handmade postcards, MAILART! :]
- Inge Löök's cards with the grannies
- artwork by Victoria Kirdij or Leonid Afremov
- cute black cats (especially artwork)
- "I love my planet" cards from Nouvelles Images
- collections of bright colorful items
- anything from my "Favorites" cards -- They are all cards that I do not have yet but I wish I did!

If you are from the USA, I would also love any of the following:
- National Park
- National Forest
- National Monument

Special stamp requests:
- Canada: Superman
- Belarus: Postcrossing!

Also, I am not easily offended, so don't hold back if you really want to send something but are unsure. You can find me on the Postcrossing Forum with the same username. :D

If you are able, please feel free to scan the postcard before you send it, because I do not have access to a scanner.

Thank you! :]

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