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(or Helen) is a member in Latvia Latvia. She has been a member for over 3 years (1195 days).
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Speaks: Russian. Latvian. English
Birthday: 7th February
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36th on most postcards sent from Latvia
35th on longest distance sent from Latvia

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About Helen...

I live in Riga, the capital of a small European country called Latvia. I have two children and a husband. I'm a travel journalist and I LOVE my duty! The World is such a wonderful place to be!

I'd love to get postcards illustrating life in YOUR country, views of YOUR city/town/village, interesting places in YOUR country (in YOUR country, not where you have visited travel).

I'm also very interested in vintage ad cards and vintage playbill cards.

I'd love to get postcards displaying Royal family -- not only British, any other would do.

I'm also very interested in postcards with trams, buses and taxi too.

My favorite animals are hippo and rhino and i will be happy to receive postcards with them too.

The big request -- not ad cards and handmade cards. Thank you!

Happy postcrossing!

Дорогие русскоязычные коллеги, пишите по-русски!

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