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Speaks: Dutch, English, German
Birthday: 27th March 1995 (19 years old)
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Hello dear postcrosser!

I'm Elina, an 18 year old girl who loves the peaceful life. I live with my parents and little sister (15) and our 3 cats in Holland.

My dreams are to travel the world (here I can start with it), learn languages, make other people's life and the world better, live my life to the fullest & live in New York. ♥
I study to be a social worker but after that I want to study psychology :) I love to hang out with friends, see movies, listen to music, sports and much more.

I think people send to little postcards, while everyone loves to get them. My goal with postcrossing is to get my box, that is full of cards to send, empty!

I love all the postcards I'll get. But my preferences are:
- My biggest preference is vintage cards!! I love them so much!

- Animals..I love them all, especially cats (from ''normal'' cats to tigers and lions) and elephants!
- Love! Hearts, loving animals, people, things in a heart shape.
- Other cultures (Buddhism)
- Nature, beautiful landscapes.
- Cards of NEW YORK CITY! (would love VINTAGE cards!!)
- A card that has a special meaning for you :)

- If you don't know anything, take a look at my favourites!

I hope you write a little story on the back on the card. Where does the card come from, what are you doing at the moment, your dreams, your motto, the weather, favourite food....doesn't matter what it is! I would love to be inspired by you :)

I would be so happy to receive any card from you!


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