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Hi everyone! I can't wait to get your postcard!! here are some types that i love:

sochi Olympic cards
mini cooper car
shape cards/gotochi( I adore them!!!)
nouvelle images
pubs and bars,restaurants
teapots/coffee cups, tea cups/coffee
cobbled streets
colorful buildings and houses
foods/tables of foods/drinks/coffees/teas
farmers markets/lots of foods
smiling food/kawaii foods
northern lights
mount everest
national parks with beautiful views
eiffel tower(im crazy about it!!)
coffee/tea shops/cafes
mail related/post office/mailbox
penguins, polarbears in the wild/grizzly bears
koala bears
did you know cards
jack russell terriers
beautiful secluded beaches
night city views
cool B & W cards

check my favorites,these are cards I want:

I love it when you write alot on the pc, telling me about yourself, or about where you live or what you've been up to lately!tell me about your hobbies, your favorite foods, etc.I also love it when you use interesting, pretty stamps!I'm crazy for stamps!!I prefer single views!!

cards I have available for swaps:


Cards I would love to receive:



if you have extra stamps just hanging around that you want to get rid of, feel free to pop them in an envelope with my postcard if it doesnt cost you more. i love stamps!!otherwise i prefer my cards written and stamped.

Thank you! Nice meeting you, can't wait till I receive your card, and I register cards, as soon as they arrive!! :)

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