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Hey there postcard fans!

I love postcards. I have been collected postcards from my wanders for years but no matter how many I send I still usually just get emails in return. I have a dream that one day all the four walls in one room of my flat being covered like wallpaper in postcards.

I enjoy travelling without a plan. I've been meandering around for a few years but have just moved to Edinburgh to live with my lovely Irish girlfriend Emma. At the moment I am job hunting. Hopefully something will come along soon or else I may have to give up and go live in the woods. I am also in the middle of planning a drive to Mongolia for charity. If everything goes to plan, I will be charging across central Asia in a car this summer, have a look at our team website if you want to know a little more.

I love the randomness of this project so I really have absolutely no preference for any particular type of postcard. However, if you were to push me I would say I would prefer strange and wonderful images over the normal tourist ones. Ideally, something local to your town, region or country. If you are a bit of an artist or photographer, then I really like the idea of people turning their own images and photos in postcards. Honestly, anything at all will put a smile on my face.

Also, as postcrossing is such a global thing it seems the perfect opportunity for me to collect recommendations of things I may never otherwise come across. So, I kindly ask that you include a random piece of information dear to you, maybe the name of your favourite place, or maybe your favourite word from your own language, favourite piece of music, book or poem. Just something random you think a boy sat in Edinburgh may not come across. Anything at all! favourite joke, favourite fact, anything?



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