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I'm aged 30+ and love to read (many kinds of books, Umberto Eco, Robert Holdstock and Neil Gaiman are three of my favorite authors), watch movies, write (currently writing a historical novel), walk in the nature, sometimes swim, make artist trading cards (ATC) and similar crafts. I listen to music when doing other things - various types from europop and "viking metal" to folk music and renaissance madrigals. I'm a fan of True Blood, Dexter, Downton Abbey, Borgias and a few other series.

Traveling is one of the best things there is to life. I've mostly seen European countries, but also part of USA. Favorite travel partner is my husband.:) Lack of money prevents us from traveling more, but I think Postcrossing is a wonderful way to see the world.

Special interests / wishlist:
- queer/glbt issues & feminism
- landscapes & nature & animals (especially wildlife, wolves)
- history, ethnography & vintage (I'd absolutely love a card with renaissance or 17th century theme, and would be thrilled if it was about musketeers)
- litterature & books
- gothic & fantasy themes, classic fairytales
- ad cards for art exhibitions
- coffee, tea & wine
- museums, art museums, ethnographic museums/sites, farmhouses, book shops, cafés, historical buildings and quarters, castles, street views, parks, libraries
- art cards: both modern and classic art and everything in between (Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt are two of my favorite artists)
- pretty much anything about France
- views of the Alps

- black and white cards are ok
- self made cards are ok, but not a priority
- nudity is welcome, so are also horror themes
- folded cards are ok
- I have nothing against multiviews or other tourist cards
- ad cards falling under my wishlist topics are welcome

(What I don't like so much are seasonal, flower, baby/child cards, Inge Löök and Angry Birds.)

I love cards with lots of text on them.=) Cards written full are deffinitely a priority over any theme.

Ideas on what to write:
- the book you read recently and/or which touched you
- the kind of landscape you feel most home at (be it city or nature)
- a place you enjoy visiting - could be a café, a museum, a recreational area, a national park, another city, your own city, summer cottage, etc.
- your current day - what you did, etc. I'm very interested to hear how people live their lives.
- what you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner
- what you like or dislike about the place you live in or your country
- some current hot topic in your country - a thing everyone is talking about
- what you think of the paranormal romance phenomenon (vampire, werewolf, etc. books, series and movies with a romantic plot)
- if you read historical novels, what are your favorites and why
- if you love a certain country or period of time, which country or period and why just that

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