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About darklady...

I am happily married with two children. I have a dog and garden, and two grandchildren, too :) (a small girl and a 4 month old baby boy, (1.1.2013)
All nice cards are welcome, but I like specially:

- Children`s books illustrations
- birds(hawks and all kinds of birds) :D
- butterflies
- State cards and state flowers
- mounted policemen
- native animals and people in your country
- for instance Japanese and Chinese art...
- nature
- famous buildings and usual homes in your country

Perhaps you can look at my favourites on my postcard wall, there are some cards, that I would like to receive(I do not have them at this moment).

I am waiting for your card...

I also collect nice stamps and special cancellations, but I don`t cut cards, don`t worry!
I hope, that you send the card with real stamps on it =)

Please, write something on the card...tell about yourself or your country. Plenty of writing is very nice :) Thank you!

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