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(or Kat) is a member in Finland Finland. She has been a member for over 7 years (2915 days).
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Speaks: Finnish, English, Swedish, French, Italian
Birthday: 31st May 1991 (23 years old)
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My name is Kat and I'm a student of English Philology. Becoming a language teacher/researcher is my biggest dream. I'm interested in music, linguistics, reading classics, photography and collecting Finnish stamps (although I appreciate any beautiful stamps). I also LOVE going to gigs!

I'd love you to tell me something about yourself, your daily life or the town/country you live in. I'd also like to know your personal favourites when it comes to music, books or films.

My preferences for postcards:
- Africa
- Asia
- art (e.g. Mucha, Kahlo, da Vinci, Dalí)
- black & white
- books
- butterflies
- comics
- country flags
- food & desserts & recipes
- historical eras
- kings and queens
- Lali cards
- Matryoshka dolls
- movie posters
- Nouvelles Images
- old maps
- old movie stars
- space
- ukiyo-e
- the UK
- unusual sizes of postcards (small, large...)
- vintage style

You can always check my favourites too. You can send me your card in an envelope or make a card by yourself but I'd like to mention that I'm NOT a big fan of ad cards or tourist cards – please save those cards for users who like them. :)

If you are Italian, French, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, could you please write in your own language? That'd be great!

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