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Nearly all my favourites are cards I have already received, but maybe you could have a look at them and get inspired!
I'm not picky about what I receive, but some I would particularly like include:

- cards about archeology.The great War (WWI) or the Origin of Human in special. But I also love to learn more about your country of city special history!!!
- cards with motorcycles on it (prefer racing bikes or old bikes, no harley's please)
- SF or Fantasy cards
- cards with famous people, royals etc. Please write the name of the persons on the card! They may be famous to you, but not to me :)
- cards with cows and/or tigers and/or Frogs (please no dogs or cats, but I do like snakes and reptiles to!)
- poems

Please no X-mas cards, tourists cards, multivieuw cards or handmade cards.

I collect stamps since I was a kid, so if you can send me some special ones (extra ones in the envelope, of just beautiful ones on the envelope or card ) I'll like that a lot! I prefer mint, but stamped onces are fine to!.

For people of Finland... I love the old grannies by Inge Look, please look at my postcards which one I have already recieved.I do have a few of them ;) but if you select on Finland, you'll find most of them....

For Native French speakers.. I do speak French but I need (and want!!!) more practise.. so please write French to me.....

If a card takes way to much time to get here... please contact me and I will register it.

Expired cards
Well, I have so many I don't mention them anymore. I just hate it when people are not willing to registrate because they quit postcrossing. It gives me negative energy, so I don't want to give them more attention then they need....

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