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(or Tessa) is a member in Netherlands Netherlands. She has been a member for over 2 years (995 days).
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Birthday: 27th April 1980 (34 years old)
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About Tessa...

Hello dear postcrossers all over the World!

Nice to meet you all! :) My name is Tessa. And i live in Hengelo. This is a city in the province Overijsel at the Netherlands. And i live together with my dog Luna. I work with children and young people.

I love reading, watching movies, walking in the park with my dog. I also love my house and garden. I watch the birds (after feeding them) and try to get nice pictures of them. Further i like cooking/baking, sewing, dancing, to make jigsaw puzzles and i go swimming and biking very often.

My other hobby is postcrossing! I love to go out shopping for special wishes for cards. The hole proces is addicting. No bills or advertisement but a card just for me! That gives me a big smile. I love it! I would like to receive any card you like to send me.

Offcourse i have some wishes. These are still just wishes and guidelines for you to find a nice matching card for me. But, as said, i will be happy with each other card you sent me.

In my house i want to make different walls with (framed) cards from all of you. The colours i like most are:
* Taupe, Old brown, like sepia toned cards.
* Green, Olive green or bottle green, like nature colours in spring
* Pink, like red/white mixed pink (not the fuchia red/purple mix)

This coral/peach kind of pink is my all time favorite colour. I really would like it if you can find a “pink shades” card for me with something funny or sweet on it.

Still remember these are just wishes. No pressure at all!! If you don't have or can’t find any of the above.
There are still many things i also love. I would love a card with..
* A heart or hearts and old romantic things. (retro style)
* The nature, park, forest, threes, flowers and the sunlight in nature.
* I really like elephants, butterflies and (garden) birds.
* Magical things, like fairytale creatures, unicorns, mermaids or fairies, etc.
* I also love cartoons, Disney, Pixar or any other animated cards.
* Something funny, beautiful, intriguing, inspiring etc..
* Cards of the current season or upcoming (local) holidays.
* Cards with a philosofic message/thoughts (not religiaus).

If you want to get a further idea of what i like.. check my postcardwall under favorites. I would love to receive one of my favorites! :) Please put the date of sending on the card so i can see how lang it took.

I will like it if you tell me something about the card or why you choosed it. Or.. if i ever visit your country or city, what should i really see for myself? Or.. some words of your own language. Be creative! :)

Thank you very much for reading, and putting effort in to finding and sending me a nice card!!
Happy Postcrossing! Bye Bye.

xx Tessa

Ps: I would love to receive a card on my birthday! My birthday is 27 of April :)

Ps: I was sick for a while, so my account was in "shutdown" for almost a half year. I am now starting it up again. I am sorry, if i didn't register any of your postcards. I will try to "reboost" myself and my account

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