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My name is Milos and I am 42 years old man ;-)

I live in Hradec Kralove, a city in the Czech Republic.

I love travelling around the world and I love hiking up of my homelands.

I collect 3D postcards and wooden postcards.

I like postcards with:
- Christmas card in December
- city
- country (postcards with maps of your country)
- landscape
- nice girls
- castle, chateaux
- railway, historical trains, steam locomotives
- nature
- animals (preference parrots, fish, gorilla, giraffes, hippo, loin, tiger, wild animals)
- mountains
- Royal family
- Romantic themes
- Maxi-card
- dinosaurs and prehistoric animals
- Easter cards
- for US postcards: state maps, with state motto if possible
- interesting places from your country or something typically about your country and other atypical forms of postcards.

I collect tea bags and a CD with music! If it is possible, send me one-two tea bags with your favourite tea. I will be grateful to you.

Please Postcrossers from Finland - i love the duck by the painter Kaj Stenvall. :o))

If you are an Aussie postcrosser, please send me a card with koala or kangaroo :o)

If you are an Chinese postcrosser, please send me a card with giant pandas :o)

And if you are from Great Britain: Please send me an official Wedding-Card of William and Kate!! ; - ))

I prefer to receive stampeds cards, because I like stamps from the different countries very much... :-))

You can write something with your native language, but with translation please! :)

Please write "Hello" in the word in your country.

Happy postcrossing!

Thank you very much!


CZ-385433, To User buyurgan, To Country Turkey (sent on 6 Jan 2014)
CZ-352065, To User EmilyZhao, To Country Canada (sent on 19 Oct 2013)
CZ-350153, To User ssssoooo, To Country China (sent on 14 Oct 2013)
CZ-334235, To User MariaPaborita, To Country Philippines (sent on 5 Sep 2013)
CZ-302711, To User Nastia25, To Country Ukraine (sent on 19 Jun 2013)
CZ-290172, To User monomore88, To Country Taiwan (sent on 15 May 2013)
CZ-284669, To User pekmun, To Country Malaysia (sent on 29 Apr 2013)
CZ-264817, To User Vidana, To Country Cyprus (sent on 3 Mar 2013)
CZ-264805, To User Laus, To Country Lithuania (sent on 3 Mar 2013)

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