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About Elena...

Nice to meet you! :-)

Short version of my profile: I LOVE TOURIST POSTCARDS! This is what I want to get. Multiviews are perfect ;)

Extended version (for those who want to know more):

My name is Elena, Romanian country girl, most of the time ecologist, loving her job and enjoying to take photos with her Canon :)From time to time I am moving to my other home in USA, but the cards which reach both my addresses will be registered. In worst case, the next day.
I am a person who started collecting postcards since I was little.
I enjoy watching them and sorting them using different criteria.
My oldest one is a postcard sent in 1908 from Bad Voeslau (Austria), but I like postcards from the last 50 years, colorful and glossy :) (sepia and black&white are not my favorite).
I would prefer to get cards from the country you live in instead of those you have visited (unless it is an exotic place :)).

I would appreciate if you send me postcards only with places, NO cartoons, no greeting cards (Christmas, New year's, Easter,Halloween, etc etc),no folded ones, no hand made ones, no movie stars or singers, NO PETS, and of course, NO ADVERTISING ones.

I love!!!!
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
National and Natural Parks
Natural Reserves and Sanctuaries
Fauna& Flora& Owls of Belarus collections (I still don't have those on favorite list!).

As I like taking pictures too, I prefer postcards with photos and not drawings.
I encourage you to look on my favorite postcards gallery just to get what I mean. And... if it is not too much trouble for you, take a look on this link

... as I don't like to get 2 of the same kind :S
Sorry for being so picky!

Thank you so much for your postcard! :)
All the postcards I receive will be added on the wall sooner or later. Promise x :) AND ALL THE POSTCARDS I RECEIVE WILL BE REGISTERED IN THE SAME DAY THEY ARRIVE IN MY MAILBOX!

2012: 5 expired cards
2013: 4 expired cards
2014: 17 expired cards :(

After my 2 years experience in Postcrossing, I am forced to introduce 3 rules:
1. I am looking to get postcards mainly from countries I've never received any.
2. If your country doesn't apply at rule no.1, send me a card from the FAVORITE section on my WALL.
3. For everybody, I am sending my card for you after I receive yours. I am sorry but not all of us are as honest and serious as they should be on this website :(

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