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My name is Tiffany Monique Hahn. I am married and I have two children. I am a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California, license #24291. I have worked in legal support positions for the last 20 years. I also enjoy DSLR photography.

I think that anything representing yourself or your country, like flags and photographs, make wonderful postcards. I even like the typical touristy cards with a photo of a local attraction and the city's name. All photographs are wonderful, though, especially black and white ones.

I enjoy anything with the sun and moon on it. This includes anything with moon phases. If religion is an important part of your life, I welcome religious postcards and sentiments. Feel free to share your favorite quote from your favorite book of faith.

Topics for postcards that I think are interesting:

--One Idea: Stuff I Like--
• Flags
• Tourist postcards with the city name and a local photo.
• Black and white photography.
• Sun and moon (and moon phases)
• Architecture
• Tourist attractions, points of interest.
• Sayings in your native (non-English) language.
• Cemeteries, abandoned buildings, "scary" stuff
• Religious material from ANY religion!
• Anything with butterflies on it.
• Anything "Keep Calm and..."
• Anything "Eat | Sleep | (something else)"

--Another Idea: Stuff You Like--
Send me a postcard that will tell me something about you! What's your favorite sports team? What's your favorite type of postcard? What do you think is "cool" or "pretty?" What is an important thing in your life? (Religion, school, sports, collections, interests, etc.) I want to look at it and think of you or your town/country!

Please make sure you sign your postcard and put the date you sent it.

Thank you for sending me a postcard! I greatly appreciate it!

-Tiffany Hahn

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