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Moien ! ( good morning )

I like it to send and receive post-cards , mostly with beautiful stamps when it is possible to get such at the post-office .
My favourite post-cards to get would be :

Now for octobre : HALLOWEEN cards or other cards for this season from your place ... feel free to write a few words , how you celebrate-d it . That would be nice.

In Luxembourg , this tradition is called - Trauliicht - since long time.
As a child , I celebrated it with a big joy and some fear of the ghosts at my grandmother's rural village Useldange. My grandmother knew to tell us stories in a magical way.

(This tradition is the so-called “Trauliicht”, a lantern carved from a beet in Luxembourg, but bearing a strong resemblance to the pumpkin Jack-O'-Lantern more commonly spotted on door steps and window sills in the lead-up to Halloween.

The “Trauliicht” with its carved grimace and the frightening glow is meant to scare off evil autumn and winter ghosts in order to usher the young and old healthfully and happily into the New Year.
In rural communities it was placed outside the cowshed, so that the animals passing through the doors of the barn would be purified of illnesses.
A procession was also made by the children with lanterns , but not begging for sweets )

portraits / photos of old people
Inge Löök , Marit Walle
Old fashion , local fashion and costumes
self-made cards ( collage , rubberstamps , photos ,pictures ... )
humourous cards (Anne Taintor style or similar )
Vintage-style cards , Retro cards 20's - 50's , reproduction cards of travelposters
All kind of Seasons Greetings existing in the world , like Birthday , Easter , Thanksgiving ,Halloween , Christmas , New Year and others I do not know or less ,like Diwali ...

Cards about chocolate , espresso , ice-cream , sweets ,spices , food in general

thermal bath stations , preferred historical ones

For my part , I will also try to send you, your favourite style card .

Merci , bis geschwënn ! ( thank you , until soon ! )

Avatar : it's me dressed in a saree (sari), as a Indian lady during a costume change session at one photographer's studio in Little India , Singapore !
A wonderful souvenir ...


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