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(or Štefan) is a member in Slovenia Slovenia. He has been a member for over 6 years (2453 days).
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Speaks: slovene, english, croatian
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My name is Stefan. I live in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. I am married and have one son (born in 2006). I collect view-cards together with my wife who is also postcrosser. I like view-cards with city views or views of interesting buildings! I also like map cards.
If it is possible (and not too expensive for you), can you send the postcard in envelope? Please... otherwise a lot of postcards arrive damaged. Thanks in advance!

PLEASE, do not send any greeting cards, art, hand-made or free cards!!!

Expired postcards:

Si-5014 to user galinette3 (France) - have sent two!! Has been deleted!
Si-5819 to user nevermore (Thailand)- has been deleted already

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