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Welcome to my profile. Everyone calls me Irma.
I'm studying tourism management and I love exploring other cultures. I have many dreams, and I believe that “Los sueños nunca mueren”. I'm a dreamer. And I love it.
I am interested in things, like photography, fashion, crafts, culture and art.
But I have three addictions.
No, it's not drugs. They are: Michael Jackson (I adore him so much),
Tourism (I hope one day to travel around the world), and last, but the strongest - the Spanish/Argentine cultures.
If our addictions are similar or you are from Spain/Latin America, we can become penpails. Just write my a letter.

There are some postcards that make me simply jump out of happiness, my dream cards are with:

- Michael Jackson. (and any relevant detail).
- From/with Spain (Barcelona especially, but other cities is so good too).
- From/with Argentina. (any detail)
- A.Gaudi architecture. (I adore him, I want to study his work in the future).
- Rebeldeway. Erreway.
- Sherlock Holmes (especially with B.Cumberbatch)

If you are from Spain or Argentina, I'd be so grateful if you could put in envelope some small things from your country, which is unnecessary for you, and you thinking to throw away them. These little things makes me very happy.

I really like cards with these things too:
- Cute painted creatures, illustrations.
- Owls.
- Vanity Fair/Vogue/New Yorker covers.
- Fashion, dresses, fashion icons (like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Garbo).
- Small or colorful streets, canals, lanterns, balconies, windows, doors.
- Dances: tango, flamenco.
- Korida, or festivals in Spain/Latin America, carnivals.
- Vintage/retro reprints, pin up girls, burlesque.
- Dali, Frida Kahlo, Jack Vettriano, Monet paintings, other artists.
- Paintings, reproductions.
- Nouvelle images, Inge look.
- Attractive men/women, erotic, nudity (without vulgarity).
- Masonry, Illuminati, Templars.
- Symbols of French culture. (like Macarons, Montmartre).
- HP (prefer to Severus, Voldemort).
- House M.D ( Hugh Laurie), Vampire Diaries, Scandal.
- Woody Allen.
- Michael Buble or Bruno Mars
- Baroque/Renaissance times views (I love those dresses and ball dances).

You probably thought wow she wants so much. Sorry, but I would be really grateful to everyone. ;]
Also you may check my favorites to see what I like and that I still don’t have.
If you speak spanish, please write me in this language. It’s so good to see Spanish words on card.
I really appreciate full written postcards, with date, and no envelopes.
You can write me about your favorite country, dreams, or tell me that is your favorite MJ song.
I hope, I am not asking too much ;] I love you and this project!
Other account, to check received cards, don't look at favourites or whishes.

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