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My wife, Carole, and I are both 66 now and have been married for 42 years. We are both retired as of August 29th 2012! Hurrah! We have a daughter and 2 grandchildren. Now that I am retired, we hope to travel more and further.
We enjoy reading science fiction and mystery novels. We both use our computers, but mine is used a LOT more.
We enjoy nature, especially mushroom hunting, wildflowers, walking and geocaching. I've even convinced Carole to become a cacher.
We are students of Yang Style Tai Chi and even traveled to China for a study trip and tour in 2011. We did begin to study Mandarin Chinese but we really did not speak it in China except to say Hello! (Ni hao!). We had a fantastic time and have been bitten by the travel bug. Sooo! In 2013 we took a tour of Central Europe. We took photos and went geocaching in 5 countries - Poland,Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It was a phenomenal experience. This year we traveled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA
We like to cook, especially ethnic foods. We try to prepare foods from many nations. We love Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Middle Eastern and Thai meals. Living in a large city, we can also go out to restaurants to try dishes from many lands that we cannot make at home.
My hobbies are Geocaching, Computers and Nature Photography.
My Geocaching nickname is Scook. Now Carole is CITOcacher, CacheInTrashOut. We do pick up a lot of trash on our caching adventures. Carole is the paper book reader in our house. She is trying to exhaust the mysteries and paranormal books in our local library.
My photographs can be seen at -
We would like any postcards of places near you, cities and scenery.
We also like funny and humorous postcards.
In fact, we would appreciate any cards that you send.

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