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I killed my scanner, if you are able to scan the cards I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you :)

Hello world!

My name is Ana & I live about 2hrs from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Windy City! Home of the Chicago Cubs, Sox, Bulls & Blackhwaks!!! Chicago, where you can experience all 4 seasons in 1 day! I studied nursing and business & I'm extremely fascinated by science and hope to one day be a medical examiner. Currently I do administrative work for a construction company.

My hobbies include: cooking, playing tennis/badminton, swimming, Zumba, reading, going to concerts & going to the movies. Hanging out with my family. I love trying new things whether it be food, traveling, dancing etc.

Postcards that I'd like to receive:

I keep hearing a lot about these "Moomins" and "Inge Look" and am curious as to what the rage is about. O_o ???
-Culture (people/traditions etc)
-Comics/Funny cards
-Animals (but no birds please)/ Bugs
-People / Children /Adults
-Castles / Ruins / Buildings
-Everyday Life
-Religion (Churches, Mosque etc) Religious Icons
-Stained glass windows
-TV Shows
-Map cards of your country or state
-Famous people in your country
-Bizarre or Quirky cards

Etc... all in all, whatever you wish to send me will be happily received and appreciated. ♥ If you could include the date also and perhaps if you wish to share a piece of advice? It's all up to you.

Have a great day & I hope to hear from you soon! Hasta la vista baby!

Ana Rocio

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US-1076677 - Finland

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