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Languages: Filipino, English, some Italian, some Spanish
Birthday: 15th November
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10th on most postcards sent from Philippines
10th on longest distance sent from Philippines

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About Raine...

Hello! My name is Raine, and I am a university student studying Architecture. I'm doing my undergraduate thesis until May 2015, and if you have stories to tell or words of encouragement, I'd love to read them!

I would just like to say that I am not picky and I would love the card you'll choose for me.

To get an idea of my favorite themes, here is a long list:

-any card on my list of Favourites ♥
-handmade postcards (hand-drawn / collage/ a photo you took, etc.)
-children's book illustrations or cartoons

-Studio Ghibli
-Jetoy cats
-Disney or any of the Disney Parks & Resorts
-Flower Fairies
-Adventure Time
-Harry Potter
-Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit/ Tolkien
-Game of Thrones

-fairy tales
-flowers like hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, lotus, periwinkles

-transportation vehicles
-postbox/ mailbox cards
-libraries or books
-shaped cards

-Pope Francis
-UNESCO World Heritage Sites
-contemporary architecture
-churches, temples, places of worship, ruins
-Theme parks

-city cards
-landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, caves, volcanoes & mountains
-maps/ illustrated maps
-people cards showing happy children, women, or men.

Some special favourites:
♥ Gustav Klimt
♥ Vincent van Gogh
♥ Iwasaki Chihiro
♥ Yusuke Nakamura
♥ Vlad Kravchuk
♥ Nataliya Derevyanko
♥ Leonid Afremov
♥ Kate Dudnik

Please leave me a message if you would like to do a direct swap with me. I would be happy to swap postcards with you! *u*)/

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