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About Susana...

Bonjour !

Spanish native, I'm 42 years old and live 30 km north of Paris. My job is related to aviation and makes me travel quite a lot.

My hobbies are : new ! Running !
Also flying, photography, astronomy, geocaching, reading, writing, genealogy, biking, mountain hiking, watching TV series.

One of my dreams would be to write a fiction novel.

To keep it short, you can send me your favorite place or landscape or favorite postcard, it would be a pleasure to read about your selection !

I have also some subjects I like a lot. You would make me very happy if you send a card with

*** books ***

or a card matching my favorite color combo, blue and orange or blue and yellow !

Other topics I highly enjoy to receive :

✔ New ! I've discovered I love running so any card related to running or running quotes are welcome !
✔ Writing, old typewriters, writers at their desk
✔ Mail boxes, mail related
✔ Astronomy, NASA
✔ Mountains, hills
✔ Vintage photo cameras
✔ Flying, planes, stewardess - Old ad reprints are very welcome !
✔ Christmas postcards any time of the year, not folded if possible thanks!
✔ Big palaces, castles, fortresses, fortifications. Love them !
✔ European royalty (Kings/Queens/Princesses/Princes and their castles or palaces)
✔ The White House and other seats of USA administrations/institutions / US state capitols
✔ Cards with nice quotes
✔ Postcrossing meeting cards
✔ A card from my favorites

You can have a look at the collections here, and don't worry about duplicates ! Reading about you means a lot to me too !

Really, don't feel uneasy if you have none of the themes above. From your country or city, any sight would just be great ! You can also send aerial views, Unesco, sea pictures, ice or snow, winter views or bright green sceneries. Beautiful nature is always appreciated. From Japan, I also will be glad to welcome any Hiroshige landscape card. ♡

I would love to know which book you would recommend or which one is your fav of all time !

Please, don’t send me free cards except matching my wishlist and also no bugs, no spiders/spider web, no military or weapons, thank you.

My wall of favorites :
Favorites from flickr :

Chers postcrossers français, je cherche votre département !

Many thanks !
I look forward to hearing from you soon !

updated Feb. 2015

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