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I live in Helsinki with husband and baby boy (born in 5.1.2014). I have big box where i put all cars i get. My goal is that someday box will be full, but its really big box so i have time.

I like (and theyre sort of my hobbies too) anime, LARP (Live action roleplaying.), medieval, animals, mythology, theatre and dresses. I could go on for ages.

I would absolute love get postcards with diffrend kind of costumes, dress and masks, well.. Anything to do with teathre, medieval, vintage, traditional dresses or something like that. :) OR dragons. I LOVE dragons.
But i will be happy whit any card you choose to me.

Tell me where i should go in your country (if i ever get change to travel so much, i hope so) and why. I love hearing about places and its just best if i really get to see it someday myself.

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