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(or A.W.) is a member in United States of America United States of America. She has been a member for over 5 years (1883 days).
Distance Sent: 11,198,091 miles
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Speaks: English, little Spanish, less French, Athabascan (few words)
Interested in direct swaps: No

29th on most postcards sent from United States of America
37th on longest distance sent from United States of America

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About A.W....

I am a retired teacher. My favorite pastime is creating and collecting FDCs and other philatelic covers, especially those with Arctic, polar bear, cat and cactus topics. Other hobbies are reading, gardening, and watching basketball or hockey games.

Although I am not fond of ad cards, all postcards are welcome. I especially like those with the flora/fauna, nature or scenery of your country. My absolute favorites are any cards illustrated by B. Kliban, Charley Harper, Christopher Marley, or Maria Sibylla Merian. Also, I greatly appreciate "pretty" stamps on the card. Again, all cards all welcome. If you do not have any of my favorites just send me something you would like to receive yourself.

Please do NOT use an envelope unless it is absolutely necessary.
If possible, please send a card from YOUR country, not one you have visited. Thank you.

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