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Hi! I am in my fourties, but feel younger at heart :) Have no family but a lot of friends. Some of my hobbies are travelling, taking photos, playing snooker or poker, my computer and of course collecting postcards.

Some of my favourite cards are

- cruiseships
- airports
- harbours
- lighthouses
- zoos
- bridges
- snow
- beaches and everything that has to do with the sea
- castles
- sunsets
- stadiums
- waterfalls, rivers, lakes
- maps
- nightviews
- tourist spots from your city / country
- unusual buildings
- wild animals
- christmas cards (all year round)

Please do not send homemade cards, ad cards, art cards or black and white cards, leave them for others who treasure them more than me.

But be sure I will love every card you send me, because every card it a little gift of friendship from you to me. It's so nice to see other parts of the world and learn about other cultures and ways of life.

I love stamps too, so beautiful stamps on your card would be highly appreciated :)

Looking forward to get a smile from you :) :) :)

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