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Short profile: Love almost all cards, including Christmas anytime of the year (religious and general). Cards on my "Favorites" wall are cards I have seen and loved, so it is the best guide to sending a card I will like. There are no cards in my favorites that I have already received.

No need to put in envelope - written & stamped is fine unless it might embarrass my easily-embarrassed postman. Thanks!
Long version!
I live in Dallas, Texas - a big city in a big state! I am single and am the proverbial "cat lady" of my neighborhood, and right now I have two indoors adults, Rose and Sassy (who lives up to her name).

I am a cancer survivor. Not a heroic thing, but if you are facing the monster, I want you to know there is a place waiting for you in our survivor's club.

I love reading, movies, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, James Dean. I like cards that depict where you live, animals (domestic & wild), mountains, religious houses from small to majestic (any religion) art, music (from Mozart to Eminem but I am an original "Beatlemaniac"), fantasy. If you have vintage or funny ad cards, I like those!

I only draw the line at "risque" or nudity. Retro pin-up cards are welcome.

I have just discovered cards by Osamu Komatsu and would love more..and more...

All you wonderful Aussies - love the scenery and would also love to get those cards you probably think are boring - koalas, kangaroos, wombats - any native wildlife! If you happen to have an interior photo of the Sydney Opera House, I'd love to have it!

Finland friends - I love to get Kaj Stenvall, Moomin, Inge Löök, and Martta Wenderlin!

Russian friends - Am fascinated with the Romanovs & other tsars, Siberia, Faberge, matryoska dolls. I would also love any Olympics-related cards. :)

Italian friends - Roma! Venice carnival! Historic art (including sculptures)in cities!

I appreciate each card that lands in my mailbox!

Postcards in my box = smiles on my face!

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