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Speaks: Finnish, English, Swedish, German (basics)
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I am a young woman from Finland. I am a pharmacist and I work at the drug store. My hobbies are geocaching, bowling, cross-country skiing in the winter time and swimming. Geocaching is definetely my favourite!

What kind of postcard is nice to have / what I like
- The Lord of the Rings
- The Chronicles of Narnia
- Harry Potter
- Pirates of the Caribbean and especially Johnny Depp :)
- Some significant thing that you want me to know about your city/country (landscape, statue, cartoon character, piece of art, etc.). Use your imagination!
- Disney-characters (especially old-fashioned)
- Christmas cards (even if it is not Christmas right now)
- butterflies
- Krtek (character by Zdenek Miler)
- Space, planets, stars, moon..
- cards from Olympic games
- Colin Firth
- trains
- pictures of Royal families
- ice hockey and especially Finnish players Teemu Selänne and Mikko Koivu
- from Japan especially sakura
- anything related to weddings

But of course, I'm very happy receiving any kind of card!

Suomesta olisi myöskin kiva saada edellisten toiveiden lisäksi muumikortteja.

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