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Hi Everyone!

I'm so enthusiastic about this whole idea of sending postcards that it's difficult to put it into words... I have always adored giving cards (greeting cards in most cases though) and recently I started making cards of my own (to my closest friends and on special occasions). I'm really into it. I'm sure I'll enjoy this new way of communication and making others happy!

I'm a teacher. I teach English as a foreign language at a linguistic university also to adults part-time. I look pretty young or at least not very teacher-like :) and most of my students first get surprised (you should see the looks on their faces:))But I'm already used to it and feel OK about it. I've been teaching for 6 years now and am very enthusiastic about the language I teach, the people I meet and work with, employing new methods and generally having fun in classroom alongside with learning!

I adore postcards! Particularly, the ones that are either very bright and colorful or, on the contrary, pretty shaded or even blurred. Black-and-white, sepia or vintage/retro cards would be great, as well as anything in rather faded, soft and pale colors! ^_^

I don't want to seem very picky (which I'm actually not), but these are some images that are extremely pleasing to my eye:
- a cup of coffee / tea ;
- newspapers / magazines / books;
- a postbox;
- beautiful doors, gates and entryways;
- letters, stamps and beautiful stationery;
- Moomins please-please-please :) I just love them!;
- cute giraffes and penguins;
- paintings in watercolors;
- Inge Löök;
- Kim Anderson cards (from Lithuania);
- pin up;
- Love is.../Romance / Couples;
- kids;
- illustrations from children books, fairy tales, cartoons;
- people (Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chaplin, ...);
- trams or bicycles;

* I'm NOT particularly interested in multi-view cards,monuments and city views and other typical touristy cards ))

** I love postcards with lots of details on them, the ones that you cannot take your eyes off for a couple of minutes :)

It would be great if you could share a nice quotation, a short poem or a line from the lyrics with me or simply tell me what makes you smile. I really like it being personal :)

Looking forward to getting your card. Thank you in advance!

Happy Postcrossing and Best season's greetings from Belarus,


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