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Would you believe that I received 21 postcards today, 19th March 2014? Well I did. One was a direct swap from Martinko 86. Unfortunately I wrote the wrong name one of my notes when registering the postcard. I apologise, I picked up the wrong card for the name funnily I was looking at the postcard I was registering at the time. I once again apologise.
Today was another happy day for my postbox, 8 postcards. (21st May 2014)

If you look at my sent cards, you will notice that they repeat quite often. My local Post Office is quite small and only stocks about 15 different postcards and, as I had a car accident last week, I have been buying 10 postcards all the same. I mean you don't know each other so what does it matter? Well, I hope it doesn't. It doesn't help that I'm ultra-busy with Uni assessments due end of next month, both of 4000 words. HELP!!! I'll be fine, I need to use public transport so will have time on the train for reading etc. Might get fitter too (I'm definitely NOT fit!)

This is long and boring so beware!!
-Born Dundee Scotland, lived in England, Solomon Islands (Bougainville), Australia. I have attended 11 schools (one twice) in four countries as a student. I taught Maths/Science to teenagers on leave ATM. I do patchwork & quilting, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, love to read & am basically a homebody (Due to lack of funds!!). Though am now currently studying for my Master of Education just 2 more subjects (passed the first two) and a minor thesis to go so should finish at the end of 2014, (fingers crossed) and hope to follow it with my PhD in Education.
-I have a dog, Maggie, 10 year old West Highland White Terrier ex-kennel dog who loves being an indoor dog & enjoys her home comforts. Maggie is living with my parents and Isla, one of her grown puppies.
-Am single (by choice) & have no children except those I teach, four nieces & a great niece and a great nephew born 12th December 2013. Love fun things & have a quirky sense of humour.
-I love all animals but have a soft spot for elephants, pandas (Giant and Lesser), dolphins, polar bears and manatees.
-I'm not really into religious cards or those with a message/moral. No ad cards, Birthday, holiday or offensive cards. I like postcards.

-BTW if I forget or am unable to upload the postcard I sent you either please upload it or tell me which one it is and if I have the picture I'll upload it for you.

-Also, I have been criticised for not mentioning anything personal on the postcard. Considering everything written here, I feel that I don't need to write anything personal and simply ask you to visit and see for yourself the wonderful country that I live in.

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