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Would you believe that I received 21 postcards today, 19th March 2014? Well I did. One was a direct swap from Martinko 86. Unfortunately I wrote the wrong name one of my notes when registering the postcard. I apologise, I picked up the wrong card for the name funnily I was looking at the postcard I was registering at the time. I once again apologise.

This is long and boring so beware!!
-Born Dundee Scotland, lived in England, Solomon Islands (Bougainville), Australia. I have attended 11 schools (one twice) in four countries as a student. I taught Maths/Science to teenagers on leave ATM. I do patchwork & quilting, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, love to read & am basically a homebody (Due to lack of funds!!). Though am now currently studying for my Master of Education just 2 more subjects (passed the first two) and a minor thesis to go so should finish at the end of 2014, (fingers crossed) and hope to follow it with my PhD in Education.
-I have a dog, Maggie, 10 year old West Highland White Terrier ex-kennel dog who loves being an indoor dog & enjoys her home comforts. Maggie is living with my parents and Isla, one of her grown puppies.
-Am single (by choice) & have no children except those I teach, four nieces & a great niece and a great nephew born 12th December 2013. Love fun things & have a quirky sense of humour.
-I love all animals but have a soft spot for elephants, pandas (Giant and Lesser), dolphins, polar bears and manatees.
-I'm not really into religious cards or those with a message/moral. No ad cards, Birthday, holiday or offensive cards. I like postcards.

-BTW if I forget or am unable to upload the postcard I sent you either please upload it or tell me which one it is and if I have the picture I'll upload it for you.

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