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(or Yahor) is a member in Belarus Belarus. He has been a member for over 2 years (1044 days).
Distance Sent: 439,928 km
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Speaks: Belarusian, Russian, English
Birthday: 10th August 1993 (21 years old)
Interested in direct swaps: Yes

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Here you can see my postcards, which are available for swaps:

Hello! My name is Yahor (Егор), I'm from Belarus.

I will be very happy if you write something interesting about you and your life!

If you can, please, send me a card connected with:
- views of your country or your city
- olympic games
- EURO-2012, WC-2014
- flags and maps
- angry birds
- NBA and NHL
- famous people of your country (monarchs, presidents, etc.)
- new 7 wonders of the World (
- sport teams and players
- stadiums
- schemes of underground (metro)
- music groups, actors, poets, writers, artists
- cartoon characters
- art or graphity
- humorous cards

But remember - all cards are welcome, but I'd like you to send me a card, which you'd be happy to receive yourself :)

If you send me a card in an envelope, please, put also something connected with you: banknotes, tickets, a packet of your favourite tea! But I prefer cards without envelopes :)

Expired cards:
BY-260855 kuo (Taiwan)
BY-269767 Melissa31 (Russia)
BY-307368 NeriumBlack (Finland)

P.S. I am also interested in direct swaps. If you want an original postcard from Belarus, write to me!

P.S.S. If you are from USA, please, if possible, send me a card with popular rock-groups: KoRn, System Of A Down, Disturbed, Deftones, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. But if you are from any other country and can make me happy with such postcards - you are very-very welcome!

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