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Hallo Post-Crossers!

I'm a 29-years old girl from Hoogerheide in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgium border. I'm married to Martijn and living with him and my two cats: Gerrit en Suus. We are in the process of adopting a child from Slowakia. I work as a manager of a home care team. The elderly and the care of them had really stole my heart!

My work is very important to me, but I also try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. I practise yoga and like to go out to diner in a (Italian or Thai) restaurant. When out of money, I like to cook for myself and my husband. ;)

I am collecting cards with elderly people from all over the world. My office is becoming really lovely with them on the wall! I would like you to tell me something about the care for elderly in your country, how it is arranged, what could be inspiring for me?

But if you can't find a card with that theme, I also like
- food and/or drinks
- cats | my cats are B&W so Jetoy I love!
and my mother collects cats & piano (together) cards...
- polar bears
- anything really Russian or from Ukrain
- but really, really, anything is welcome (also ad and home made)! Only use the list as a guideline, as I like to have a guideline myself!

Und Leute aus Deutschland: Ich bin sehr glücklich mit Janosch-Karten oder karten Sendung mit der Maus. Mein Vater ist eine groBer fan!

Sometimes I try to take off the stamps from a card, for the driver of the bus my grandmother -88- drives with a lot. His name is Faruk (a stamp-collector) and he is very nice to her, so (I think) he deserves it. If you think you have stamps that would make him happy, please send your card in an envelope. But please don't make too much effort of it!
(by the way, my grandmother got a card from him with christmas to thank for all the lovely stamps he received! so cute!)

From Janneke with love...

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