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Birthday: 26th May 1989 (24 years old)
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About Jaka...

I'm Jaka, 24 years old, student and interested in postal stuff such as writing cards. I live in a small village in Slovenia. It's called Zice and is probably the centre of boredom... hehe
If someone is interested in making friends or chatting, you can add me on facebook. You are very welcome ;)

I like so many different cards and if they are decorated with beautiful stamps, I will like them even more. Stamps my point of interest as well.
Choose what ever you have from my wish list. Under my favourites are many different themes like cards with:
A) historic motives (black and white, vintage --> USA: linen cards),
B) Thomas Kinkade, Sven Nordqvist, Anton Pieck, Rolf Lidberg
C) Russia and other sowjet countries:
1. If you have any old sowjet cards, also propaganda and such stuff I would appreciate them :)
2. Viktoria Kirdiy
D) Belarus: Fauna of Belarus (an amazingly beautiful set) and of course also sovjet propaganda cards
E) aus Deutschland: alles was hier überall aufgezählt ist und dazu noch: Karten mit Ortsschildern, Chronik-Karten (Schöning-Verlag),Sandmännchen, Stadt- und Dorfansichten, alles was mit Deutschland verbunden ist und es repräsentiert, auch typische Touristenkarten.
Schöne Briefmarken lassen mein Herz höher schlagen :)
F) Finland: Inge Löök, Kaj Stenvall, Virpi Pekkala... :)
G) Czech republic: pidifrk
H) Japan: Gotochi
I) views of cities,
J) sweet doggies and cats,
K) bears, pandas, monkeys, elephants, lions, rhinos and co... anything with WWF, national parks and animals ;) ;)
L) Nouvelles images (multiples)
M) men bodies and such things :)
N) castles,
O) public transport and trains,
P) lighthouses,
Q) jetoy (I like this very very much),
R) UNESCO cultural heritage,
S) 嗨,来自中国的朋友,如果您有“舌尖上的京剧”和“Q版京剧人物”,请寄给我,我很喜欢这种QQ的卡通人物,谢谢! 我不会讲中文,这是请中国的朋友翻译的。(Hi, friends from China, I really love"舌尖上的京剧" and “Q版京剧人物”,if you have these, please send them to me. I really love this kind of cute dolls and people. I don't speak Chinese, everything above was translated by my chinese friend.)
T) postcards that are reproductions of paintings of artists and
U) everything else you might find interesting and representative about your country (postcards of ROYAL FAMILIES make me VERY HAPPY... If you have any postcards with kings, queens, princes, princesses, imperators and other such personalities DON'T hesitate! You can be sure that such cards will be immediately among my favourites. Please please send them to me...).

Of course you can always send me a card that you think I might like, just surprise me. Often are the words written on the back much more important and fascinating than the card itself. So please write something on the back, what ever you want, about your pets, life, work... Everything is fine.
But please no military objects, space shuttles, cars and motorbikes and such things.

If you are from Poland or a German speaking country, please write in your own language.

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