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My name is Susanne and I am 44 years old woman from Finland, little town called Pori. I am married and mother. We have two cats called Willy and Roki. I´m really dogperson, but now I haven´t got enough time for a puppy. So cats are perfect familymembers.

I work in labor union.
My hobbies are now mostly my family and home;-D.
In the late evenings I like to watch tv-series like Desperate Housewives, EA, House and Gilmore Girls. If I am not watching tv, I like to read interesting books.

It was nice to find this page from internet. I have always loved postcards and now I can have more of these from all over the world.

I love postcard with animals and people.
I love colours, so colorful cards are as well welcome.
I am also interested all kind of handmade (really handmade, not selfmade copy) cards. You can show me, how artful you can be.

I also like very much surprises, so any card that you want to send me, would make me happy!

I'm very interested in some information
*what is shown on the card
*why you chose a particular card for me
*funny facts about your country
*what you did today
*your daydreams or
*just tell me what is on your mind at the moment you write the card.

I am looking forward to get your chosen card!
I think that postcard is like a box of chocolates, you´ll never know what you gonna get :)

If you can scan your card, it would make me happy :)

Happy postcrossing for all!

Love, Susanne

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