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About Irina...

About Irina...

Hello everybody from all over the world! :D

My name is Irina. I'm 33 years old. I live in Moscow.
I am thinking this may become a very interesting hobby and help me to get to know more about other people out there, as well as the interesting world we have!

I like things handmade. And I myself am engaged in many kinds of needlework: embroidery, decoupage, knitting and more.
I would be happy to receive beautiful cards.

I like postcards with:
Most of all I like panda and giraffes. My dream is to gather a collection of postcards with any panda and giraffes.
- Nouvelles multiple
- maxicards
-cars; retro automobiles;
- Anything to do with dancing, esp. ballroom dancing, latin dancing, tango, etc
- elephants,rabbits, rats and mice, and various other animals;
-small children;
- humor and funny pictures;
-cute teddy bears and the other bears;
-sea,any aqua scenery, coast-line, beach, sand, shell
- romantic themes, like couples kissing or cuddling, incl. erotic & nudity too
-Inge Löök - Old Ladies cards
- Illustrations by Fiep Westendorp, Inge Look, Limoon, Lorrie McFaul,Anna Hollerer´s,Selina Fenech,Kaj Stenvall,
-Pettson&Findus,Ann Taintor
-Jetoy cats
-map cards
-national suits
-Black and white
Also I like postcards with the theme of pin up.
Also interested in your country famous people: actors, singers and others.

I do not like ad cards, and cards depicting the buildings and monuments.

Cards in the envelope or not - send it the cheaper/more convenient way for you. I also love nice stamps and lots of writing on the card :) Tell me something of yourself.

I am very interested in other countries, other cultures and traditions. And, of course, I like to communicate with new people.
Also I'm interested in foreign languages, so write something on your language on postcard please=)

In general, would be happy around.

In my Picasa album you can find some of my collections, so it would be easier for you not to send me a duplicate card=)

My collection of stamps received:

If you see a newspaper article about Russia (russian things,people,musician..anything related Russia) maybe you could send it to me :) That would be very interesting!!

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