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About Greta...

I am interested in direct swaps only if you can send me a card from my "favourites" wall. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello! My name is Greta.

I'm married, have two children and two grandchildren.
I like to draw, although I'm not so good in it. For me it's only relaxation. I also like to spend time in my little garden, reading fantasy stories and playing with my grandchildren.

I like envelopes. So many beautiful postcards are damaged in the mail.

The postcards in my "Favourites" are cards which I don't have, but would like to receive so much. Please, take a look.

I don't want to be picky but I receive almost every week some duplicate cards.
That is such a disappointment.
On the next link, you can find the cards in my collections:

The postcards that I like most are:

*GENSODO - SHIITAKE cards!!!So beautiful.
*LISI MARTIN cards!!! Amazing.

*Faries and elves!!!
*All the Linmida drawings by Lia Selina: I like her fairy-bugs and witches very much!
*Marina Korshunova (Марина Коршунова) fairies
*Rachel Anderson Fairies
*Amy Brown Fairies
*Anime and anime-faries
*Nene Thomas cards
*Anne Stokes dragons
*Dragons (but please no fighting dragons)

= = Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch
= = The Mentalist with Simon Baker
= = Hawaii Five-O. With Alex O Loughlin (Steve Mc Garrett) (if such cards exist?)

*Rip Squeak and His Friends (fantastic)
*Tiny (Martine en français)drawings of Marcel Marlier
*Avatar (the movie)
*Harry Potter!!!
*How to train your dragon
*Final Fantasy cards
*Nice or cute trolls
*Vostruha - spirit in Slavic folklore
*Gnomes and their mushroom houses
*Rien Poortvliet drawings
*Anton Pieck drawings
*Leonard Filgate drawings

*Nouvelles Images cards with multiple objects (no weapons please)
*Fairy tales from your country

My collections shared out by item:

I try to send everyone a postcard following the requests in the profile or the favourites.
I hope you will do the same for me, and send me real postcards.
So please, no more cut out pieces of paper, pasted on some cardboard.
Thank you!

I can't wait to find your card in my mailbox :-)

Let's enjoy postcrossing!

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