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Hello Everyone!!

I'm so glad to be a part of post crossing! What a fun adventure!!I love postcards! I really enjoy "meeting" people from other parts of the world and learning more about them. I'm looking forward to seeing parts of the world that I would not be able to see without postcrossing.

My favorite kinds of postcards are ones that show pictures of where you are from. I want to see pictures of everywhere!!
I would love to see images of where you live and things that you find beautiful!

I love to knit and would love to recieve postcards with knitting scenes or that are knitting related. I am also crazy about history, archaeology, palentology, anything pre-historic and dinosuars. I also love witches and pictures of witches. I also love royality and if your country has (or had) a monarchy, postcards showing them would be really awesome! My newest passion is history and especially World War II. Postcards that show propaganda posters for ANY country during that time would thrill me!! Holiday postcards are always fun to receive too!!

If you are sending a postcard from Norway, please write in Norwegian. I've been studying Norwegian for 3 years and would love to read a postcard written in Norwegian :)

Thank you in advance for which ever card you choose to send me, I know that I will love it!!

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