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(a "Blauwvinger" is a "Bluefinger", on Wikipedia you can read the story about the Bluefingers)

PS: German Postcrossers: I would LOVE to receive the commemorative stamp issued on 17 July at the occasion of the 4th world title of Die Mannschaft. (DEUTSCHLAND FUSSBALL WELTMEISTER 2014). Danke sehr!!


I'm a 54+ woman and I look forward to sending and receiving postcards and I'll be happy with any card!

But if you want something to go on: I like

-ATELIER NOUVELLES IMAGES - Multiples (I like them all!)

-Norman Rockwell
-Anne Taintor
-health care themes (hospitals, diseases, etc)
-designs by Fornasetti
-Dan Dare
-Thunderbirds (the old TV series)
-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
-the Jetsons
-Doctor Who
-the Big Bang Theory (tv series)
-Gilbert Bécaud
-recipe cards
-Church organs
-Charlie Chaplin
-James Bond (007)
-"Keep calm and ..."
-Inge Look, old ladies‏
-the number "50"
-the color "orange"
-suicide bunny
-ladybird books covers
-3D cards

-Sophia Loren
-Marlene Dietrich
-Celine Dion
-Karina Lombard
-Romy Schneider
-Martina Navratilova
-Florence Nightingale

-Underground/ metro maps
-aurora borealis, tornadoes,geysers,volcano eruptions

Please no city views, dogs, cats or horses (but I do like sea horses, they're cute!).

I collect stamps of animals, sports, Unicef, shells and planes , so if you happen to have those to use on the card that would be great.

And please..... Postcrossing stamps (BELARUS, Finland etc) are very welcome!!!!!

If the postage is not more expensive it would even be perfect to have stamps on an envelope with the card inside. That way I could remove the stamps without damaging the card.

It would be nice to send me a coin of your country. You can put a coin and postcard in an envelope ... it's for the child of a friend of mine, the child is ill.

UK Postcrossers: I would love to receive the Doctor Who stamps and/or DW cards which were issued by Royal Mail in March 2013; used Doctor Who stamps are very welcome too!

Nederlandse Postcrossers: je kunt me erg blij maken met persoonlijke postzegels en andere zegels die je niet bij het postkantoor kunt kopen.
Oh, if you're from Russia (and specifically only Russia) and you read this, please make sure you have your address on this site also in Cyrillic. I have a lot of experience with sending mail to Russia and I found that writing addresses in the Russian alphabet improves delivery speed dramatically


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