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Been into collecting for some time now. Coins, bills, phone cards and now post cards. All cards welcomed, prefer 4x6 stamped except for multiple in private swap.

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Antigua is a tropical island situated in the West Indies within the Leeward Islands. Lying approximately seventeen degrees north of the equator, Antigua lies where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. At this point where the two seas crash together a natural phenomenon called the ‘Devil’s Bridge’ occurs. Devil’s Bridge is a natural arch which has been carved by the sea out of soft and hard limestone ledges. The bridge was created when a part of the softer limestone was eroded away by the action of the Atlantic surf crashing against the Caribbean surf.

Antigua makes up one half of the island nation Antigua and Barbuda. Like most locations which lie in the tropics, the proximity to the equator means that the region doesn’t experience four distinct seasons, and there is in fact very little seasonal variation. On the whole, the temperature in Antigua averages in the mid twenties year round, with the annual average minimum to maximum temperature range sitting at 21 ºC to 30 ºC and the temperature rarely falling below 20 ºC.

Summer in Antigua sees the region boasting some of the most amazing weather in the Caribbean. Different to most islands in the tropics, Antigua experiences relatively low humidity which makes the tropical weather mildly more bearable. It is in fact drier than most Caribbean islands and averages only 1140mm of annual rainfall. Most of this rainfall falls in the months of July and October.

Like most of the Caribbean Islands, Antigua receives a break from the sometimes overwhelming heat when the ‘trade winds’ begin to blow. Situated in the Leeward Islands, Antigua is subject to the prevailing winds in the area which blow from the northeast. These winds temper the harsh heat and add an enjoyable, soothing touch to the tropical climate.

Antigua is a great place to relax and soak up the laid back Caribbean lifestyle. The trade winds mean that it is a great location for sailing and various water sports and the surrounding crystal clear water is great for diving and snorkeling. Antigua has one of the most envied climates in the West Indies, the low humidity; lower than average rainfall, hours and hours of interrupted sun all combined with its location in the path of the local trade winds means that Antigua is a year round holiday destination. The weather is the most enjoyable from November to February, when humidity is at its lowest and there is little rainfall.

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